Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Riddle Riddle

I read this on Ghanaweb.

"As the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and Attorney General close in on the circumstances under which forged invoices, fraudulent misrepresentation and other acts bordering on criminality came to characterize the dealings between the E.O. Group-Kosmos Energy in their operations in Ghana, a key suspect in the plot appears to have shown a clean pair of heels."

I need to go back to school or something because I had no idea that to show a clean pair of heels means to run away or disappear.


  1. Idioms, dear friend. Don't our people like to use them!

  2. Interesting! I thought it meant that the key suspect had displayed some clean pair of shoes somewhere. Seems like a pompous and pretentious way of putting it. In the end it sounds very absurd to me. Why didn't they use "took to their heels" if they really wanted to use an idiom?

  3. Nana Yaw, they don't lose guard kraaaaaa.
    They should continue but not over-do it.

  4. @ Abena Serwaa; I'm starting to suspect that a significant percentage of the journalism course in GH is on idioms.

  5. I think it could mean 'to free oneself from suspicion because of a lack of evidence'... say, if you stole from a farm or something you ought to have mud on your heels.

    This is all pure speculation though; this is my first time encountering the phrase as well!