Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Head Coach

I would love to see a Ghanaian as Head Coach of the Black Stars.
However, the screening, interviewing and evaluation of candidates from all over the world for this position must be fair.
I hope the ones assigned to select the new coach take this task seriously and do it right. It is not supposed to be an easy one.
I'll be very proud of them when they show love for country and are selfless in this quest to get the best Head Coach for our team.

We saw how positively the country and the continent rallied behind us during SA2010. It isn't just about the players. The coaches are part of the team too.

If a Ghanaian coach is selected, he or she better not let me down.
It would be good to have that paycheck stay in our country and circulate our local banks.


  1. What about Marcel Desailly? I heard he was gunning for the position. He may have star power but is probably completely lacking in coaching qualifications...hmmm. To be honest, I think Silas Tetteh would be an excellent choice but I do have some reservations.

  2. The selection will not be easy and I hope the guys in charge take their time and make the right pick.