Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GH for life!

With a name like Ghana Hall of Shame, I hope I don't come off as one that dislikes Ghana.
Truth is, I care about Ghana a lot a lot a lot.
When you care a great deal about something, you hurt when it's not living up to its potential.
Ghana has been great before and has made several positive marks in the history of this world.
I totally believe Ghana can be a great & highly productive country, with all its children living comfortably and peacefully in Ghana. I'm actually looking forward to that.

Considering where we are today, we all need to step up and put in some work.
It warms my heart when I read the blogs I follow. Your posts give me hope. Your thoughts are inspirational. Each of you in your own way, is contributing to make the world a better place. And that is even better.
I worry when I scan the Ghana politics scene. It makes me wonder where the brilliant Ghanaians are and why they are not the ones making the intelligent decisions needed to move the country forward. I worry that the most of the intelligent ones don't want to be bothered with how the country is run. Then I come out here and I read what you all that I follow have to say, and I have hope again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ayekooo FDB

Ghana's Food & Drugs Board recently ordered Tianshi to stop the importation & sale of unapproved penis & breast enlargement devices in Ghana.
I'm proud of who ever put their foot down and signed-off on that order. The device wasn't registered with FDB and therefore couldn't be on the market. Simple!

Good job FDB, but ease-up on the commentary about the safety of the devices.... unless there is documented proof. I know I know. 0% chance that thing works anyway.
Seriously though, isnt Ghana the worst market for penis & breast enlargement devices? Majority of our women are stacked!
And our men. Word on the street is they all hang low.
I wonder who the target market was.