Friday, January 14, 2011

Ayekooo FDB

Ghana's Food & Drugs Board recently ordered Tianshi to stop the importation & sale of unapproved penis & breast enlargement devices in Ghana.
I'm proud of who ever put their foot down and signed-off on that order. The device wasn't registered with FDB and therefore couldn't be on the market. Simple!

Good job FDB, but ease-up on the commentary about the safety of the devices.... unless there is documented proof. I know I know. 0% chance that thing works anyway.
Seriously though, isnt Ghana the worst market for penis & breast enlargement devices? Majority of our women are stacked!
And our men. Word on the street is they all hang low.
I wonder who the target market was.

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  1. i understand how feel. but there's one thing i want to remind you of.

    the fact that FDB did not register the product does not make it fake..!

    does fdb manufactures machines used in their systems to certify the all products for our usage?

    many developed countries have certified it. it works. I or Tiens Distributors are never in the interest of Tianshi Importing products without registering it. but to me, i think fdb is proving to the world how they could be very wrong at handling a non-registered product from tiens conglomerate. Tiens is a big company. look when Tiens Prez came to Ghana, he donated $50,000 to just the flood victims.

    Ghana as a country, we must be careful the way we handle certain important issues. how much will it take Tiens to register Cupping Kit if Prez Li could donate $50,000 free to flood victims? My brother, Ghana is not fdb. is there not any way better than publishing in news papers that Tianshi is importing fake equipment?

    I feel so bad. look tiens products are the only products that astronauts take to space. Ghana can't do without many others. The product should have being registered and fdb could have handled the case more professionally than they did.

    medical doctors are no longer the only source of health care though they are still viewed with great respect. i heard medical doctors comment so bad about cupping kit. if we take the horrible effects of drugs which makes men loose their erection, liver and kidney failures, etc, i don't expect them to talk any how on an equipment which advance science had certified in an advanced country.

    TCM is never the same as medical science. the views shared online radio, tv, print media, goes to damage the reputation of Tianshi Conglomerate and It's never a good thing.

    FDB, how are they able to over come fake drugs on the counters of pharmacies, home used health care machines in gyms, and floating along the streets of Accra?

    Tianshi has helped Nigeria "the giant of Africa" to over come FAKE DRUG in many ways. how come, Tiens is now the fake equipment importer?

    what Tiens Products can do, goes beyond the intelligence of what low intelligent persons that crave for their pot bellies could force them to say...!!!

    i am a ghanaian and i will never sit for my beloved country GHANA to loose taxes from Tianshi Conglomerate. but i think FDB has pleased the ignourance of many people that think Tianshi is like any chinese company.

    The world is a global village. whatever we do goes round and if we want to develop, then we must be careful the way we address challenges. the problem is never the problem but the people that are handling the problem makes the problem.

    thank you.