Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It hurts only when I'm awake

So many intelligent Ghanaians blogging.
Lots of outstanding ideas to make Ghana a better place for Ghanaians.
Passion over-flowing.
All around me, I see each of them doing extraordinary things.
They recognize the ills and all that must change, and some are working towards that change.

This small community gives me hope, but change is needed now on a large scale.
If there was a way, I'd move all these brains into environments where they can be effective at a national level.

I'm awake again.


  1. We all do hope things would one day change... All we can do is hope and work towards it.

  2. this' sheer delight! oh, if such a secluded place existed, how i wouldnt rush there eh! lol. you say it eloquently comrade.

  3. Bloggers in Action sounds like an apt name for your beautiful prose. We'll see!

  4. Nana, my fear is that those working hard towards it now won't get tired and discouraged before their efforts can make a sustainable impact.
    I hope years from now, I don't feel like those in their 50's now that supported the 1979 revolution. Their high expectations are yet to be met.

  5. Thank you for the compliment, Anyan. Hanging around your blog plus a few others is having a positive effect on me. :-)

  6. Hollatainment, you said it! Bloggers in action is feasible. Might be one of the efficient ways forward.
    I'm keeping the Stars here in mind. I already know a few that I'd sure campaign and vote for if the opportunity arises.