Saturday, August 21, 2010

RIP Mac Tontoh

Mac Tontoh & Osibisa
Legends of Ghanaian/ African/ Black music

I just found my Osibisa CD 3 weeks ago and jammed to "Kokro koo"
My favorite part:
"Jack Toronto!"
"Hi mehn!"

RIP Star! Proud of you and your team and all you did to make our Black Star shine.


  1. It really is sad news for Ghana and World music in general. Strangely, I remember seeing Mac Tontoh within the past 2 months...I just can't remember when and where. Maybe I am wrong.
    May His Soul Rest in Peace.

  2. You did? And recognized him too? That's impressive.
    I think we acknowledge our entertainers more now than we did in the past. It warms my heart to know they didn't disappear when the new decade rolled in.