Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Journalists

They are killing me!

I'd expect a driver to know how to drive.
A chef must know how to cook.
Boxers should be capable of boxing.
An attorney must be be capable of presenting a case well (or the innocent gets fried)

I can neither write like them nor do their job but I wish our journalists had a good command of whatever language in which they choose to write.
A few extra minutes to review their work plus spell-check can do them a lot of good.

Some english teachers must be rolling in their graves. Mine probably is too!
I like teasing people but this isn't amusing anymore.


  1. Ka ne ka bio! When you read the papers, it seems that there is no effort made to even get the basics right.

  2. I love to read what they have to say but sometimes the string of sentences don't go down easily. I move right along to the next article so I don't choke.