Thursday, July 15, 2010

President of Ghana for a day

One day would not be enough for me to make an impact. I'd need 3 months.
1. I'll review & publicize job descriptions for all the ministerial positions. (if we vote them in, we need to know what they are supposed to be doing)
2. I'd demand that all ministers, MPs, mayors & DCEs submit 5-year goals and their departments' plans to achieve them.
3. Set substantial monthly milestones of these plans, to be publicly reviewed.
4. I'd do something with the IRS but I still haven't figured that out yet. A way to keep state money for the state and not in individuals' bank accounts.

Based on the above, each GH citizen would have someone in charge of their welfare.
Before setting this rolling, I'd sit down with a few opposition leaders, notable GH scholars (non politicians like Kofi Annan), and have them share their thoughts on the roadmaps submitted.

"President" wouldn't really be a fitting title so I'd go with "Facilitator".

What would you do if you were President for a day?


  1. I'd do all you've listed above, but in addition, I'll veto (and veto again) that all municipal funds be RESTRICTED to these 2 for the full 4 years of a Presidential term:
    1. Roads (and streets) development ALL OVER the country
    2. Sanitation & Health points to insist on communal sanitation education and activities

    I don't know how I'll veto such a long lasting law, but if I were president for a day, I think I will. :)

  2. I like your additions.
    Funding for roads is critical. Once we add intelligent design to it, our roads would surely boost the country's productivity. So would improved health.

    Tracking municipal funds goes back to a more accountable system at IRS. I think. ANd that is one place I haven't figured out what to do with yet.
    Maybe someone that works there or has worked there, will read this and share their thoughts on what could be done differently.

  3. President or Facilitator? Hmmm... One thing i would like is to inculcate the culture of sorting out waste and recycling.

    How can you get people to develop good work and personal ethics? I will look at that too.

  4. Tetekai, those are 2 good points that can be achieved.
    On developing good work ethics, we'd have to encourage people to think freely. When you have people working in disciplines they have a passion for, they tend to be more dedicated to what they are working on and are more likely to succeed too. (we'll just end up being a bunch of workaholics lol. But everything comes with a price)