Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Since we are on the subject

Ghana really is a soccer powerhouse!
Black Stars have appeared in the African Cup of Nations 18 times and won 5 times. Egypt is the only one ahead of us and out of 22 appearances, they have 7 wins.
We tie Egypt with the most finals appearances - 8.

My point?
Soccer is one of the many things we do very well.
We've been dancing on the continent's floor for decades.
We've danced circles around the popular teams on the world's stage to our own amazement.
There is no better time than now, to support the talent we have and encourage them to get better.
We can own FIFA's World Cup tournament and make Ghana synonymous with soccer!

Next time I see a bunch of kids playing soccer without a real soccer ball, I'll get them one. One of them might be the next Robert Mensah, Aggrey Fynn, Razak, Kingson or Asamoah Gyan (with a different victory dance of course).

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_Cup_of_Nations#Most_championships_won

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