Monday, May 3, 2010

My Heart will always be in Ghana

I love Ghana & I love my fellow Ghanaians.

When you love something, you work to make it better. That is exactly what I started this blog to do - Help make Ghana better by working on improving customer service from my little corner.
This blog exists because I love my motherland.

I missed the memo on "Bash Africans & their Countries" day.

It's been amusing the past few days reading blog posts by people who couldn't cut it in their developed countries, jetted to West Africa & are now totally pissing in the calabash they are drinking from.

We Africans have honest reasons for being in your developed countries. What are your honest reasons for being in our under-developed countries?

We can all get along but dont take our friendliness for-granted.

Fellow Ghanaians, we are going through phases that developing countries must go through. Love your country, continue to contribute towards our development.


  1. I wonder the same thing myself. A friend of mine says they can't afford to in their country that is why they are in ours. May or may not be true. But yes, why are they in Ghana then?

  2. That's a question we don't ask enough because we are honest about our intentions when we go live in other peoples' countries.

  3. I think it's a shame sometimes that our people are so open. When 'the West' decide to relocate to the 'developing world' we are courteous and welcoming. We embrace them and give them a home. But even diasporian Africans are treated as second-class when they are born abroad. When they ask you where you are from you can never be from their abrokyire. We go there and all of a sudden we are the 'users' but did you not use and abuse us first?

    This post has really got to me!

  4. My paddy, good question. I'm glad you did ask it. It's always been us; when we take even small amounts from there and work our arses off to make their countries better. At least the reason is clear.

  5. You got that right Nsoromma.
    We'll keep our cool and flip the script on them soon.

    Akwaaba to this little blogspot!


  6. Nana Yaw, one thing I'm glad about is the fact that Ghana is taking-off whilst the global economy chugs along. And this is drawing more Ghanaians back home to help in its development one way or the other.
    We just need to watch whom we break bread with.