Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ghana's Open skies

When you want to be greedy & keep everything to yourself, you could lose all that you have plus what you are chasing too.

Management at Ghana Tourist Board since 2000 should be ashamed of themselves.
How come Delta is the only airline with a direct route to the US from Gh?
Is it because of a shady monopoly planned for Ghana International Airlines?

If I asked, would they tell me no investors were interested in this highly lucrative route?
Would they say not even one charter flight operator qualified to fly this route?
All these 10 years?

As you read this, imagine that you worked at Ghana Tourist Board of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority 10 years ago.
Imagine that you did honest work, promoted tourism, enticed Ghanaians abroad to invest at home in the airline industry.
BTW, success in your department would mean promotions & boosts in your salary.

Wouldnt it feel good today if you could stand back and look at a flourishing airline industry you worked on?
I know I would.

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