Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Vaya con Dios! Chile.
Praying for all to be well
So I can come chill in Chile
With ma family
All the way from Konongo
to Santiago!


  1. After Haiti came Chile, mudslides in Uganda and now Turkey? What is the world coming to. Was sad to hear about Chile because one of my very good friends from high school was a Chilean from a family of political dissidents who had fled the Pinochet regime.. Thru her, I learnt so much about Chile..

  2. It's scary, seeing several countries around us crumble and buckle under natural disasters ... and knowing that WHEN it happens to us, we might not be able to survive HALF as well as they did.
    What to do?!

  3. Mighty scary stuff going on. As if we are all not under enough strain from the collapse of the global economy. Disaster of this magnitude is just rough.