Monday, March 1, 2010

Marit Bjoergen!

If you are in the US or any country with a TV network sponsoring the Winter Olympics, you certainly must have seen Marit Bjoergen.
Ok, you heard her name on the TV but you were not watching.
That is because, which ever station you are watching (highly likely US or UK connected, doesnt care about the games. They care about their athletes.
They tell it is all about the games.... but pay close attention and you realize it is all about them and their athletes.
Marit Bjoergen is Norwegian and scored the most medals during the 2010 Winter Olympics.
What was NBC's excuse for not highlighting this feat? Americans don't really understand cross-country skiing and they aren't interested in it.

Whoaa?? Slow down a likkle!!
It's like that?

Hmmm Slavery days.
They came
They saw
They liked
Then they told us they had bigger plans for us

We fell for it then just as we fall for it now.

We need to be ALERT!

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