Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ghana Hall of Shame; July 2009 Edition

Customer Service in Ghana!
It appears to be non-existent. I have read horror stories over the past few years and figured a forum of this nature is just what is needed.
This is a place to vent when a customer service agent frustrates you. If an institution frustrates you, this is the place to vent. Please call agents and institutions out by name, but NO INSULTS. Let's exhibit some class.
Each month will have a new thread.
I would like to think that individuals and institutions wouldnt want their names out here, and will make the necessary adjustments to do better.
That is all we ask for. Right?

Here's the mic. Lets hear your customer service horror story.


  1. hehe. nice...i like your blog already.
    Here's my list:
    1. My experience with XL Night club:
    2. 3 reasons why Ecobank Ghana sucks:

    Now i'll come here to vent.

  2. wow!

    this is so so so a brilliant idea.

    i've been scratching my skin for the lack of an effective consumer 'watch' in Ghana!

    bless you!

    and thanks for passing by my page.
    feel free to use the post on Databank ( i wouldn't call that particular scenario a 'horror' but i believe the little things do matter and once we don't speak up against them then we would sooner than later suffer the real horror! (as if we are not horrified already anyway!)

  3. I'd like to second or third the other comments, especially with the lack of active consumer affairs groups here in Ghana...