Monday, December 20, 2010

We did our best under the circumstances

If the leaked cables (thanks to Wikileaks) is what has prompted Ghana's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to withdraw some Diplomatic passports, then Thank You very much Mr Assange!

Drug smugglers don't always have a sign on their foreheads identifying them as such so our former ministers should hush up. They created & maintained loopholes for illegal activities to continue.
When these loopholes are being discussed, they should quit claiming "we did our best under the circumstances".
Those circumstances were under your control until you started making calls for your buddies to use the VVIP lounge.
The circumstances are always supposed to be under your control when you have a job to do.


  1. couldn't agree more! Well-put. I think elements of the past administration should be in serious trouble for allowing pastors, bankers, and whoever else to use VVIP!! WTF?!? only in Ghana...There really should be a nation-wide discussion about this drug problem...its consequences are too many!!

  2. Great point. I can't believe they still are poking their heads to defend their own rubbish

  3. That's right EKB-jr. That discussion is very necessary but we are in denial for now. A few more exposures of those in the business will set the ball rolling and make it a major topic during the next presidential elections.