Saturday, June 12, 2010


Work isn't "work" when you enjoy what you do.
It isn't "work" when you are highly productive without external force.

We should encourage each other to get into fields we are passionate about, doing things we enjoy doing.


  1. Work! That foul thing that reeks of money, achievements, and a good name!
    Oh! If only it be free ... how I'd love it.
    But of the calluses and sweat it comes with ... I want no part!
    Flee from me, ye foul thing ... only bring me money and fame!

  2. OMG! You have no idea that YOU (yes you, Golda), inspired me to write this post.
    I'm still nibbling on your words.....

    "We drown in ignorance, and die of poverty, yet we sit on 'gold' of such vast, endless reserves, that it hurts to watch us struggle.
    WHAT?! Ignorance paaa nie? (trans: What heights of ignorance!) I shake my head indefinitely ..."
    -Golda Addo (Saving Ghana, 2010)

    Golda, keep doing what you are doing. We will get there.