Friday, November 27, 2009

Armed men & fear

This is a picture of one of the soldiers involved in the incident at Bawku. The video of the incident is rather disturbing so I chose not to post it.

He certainly earned his spot on this board.

I respect the military & what it stands for. I admire the Ghana armed forces (had ambitions of attending the military academy decades ago).

It is rather sad when soldiers become bullies.

I hope the police & soldiers choose to stay home when they are having a bad day. They are supposed to protect us and treat every single one of us as human beings.

Not bully us & act as Judge & Jury.


  1. Indeed, a well-deserved placement in the Ghana Hall of Shame.

  2. I read on this topic a few days ago, but am curious as to what actually happened. I respect your not posting on here, but would like to know if you could send it to me via email?


  3. Keith, I'll send the link via email. The video doesn't tell both sides of the story but I still wouldn't want to be judged by a rifle-toting soldier in public.