Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still on "The Mission"

We are gradually making progress. The word is out there about this site and our quest to address Customer Service in Ghana, in order to bring about some positive change.
When you vent/ share any unsatisfactory customer service experiences here, it gives us more information to be able to contact upper management in those institutions to let them know that their customers are not happy.
I believe our voices will be heard and improvements will be made.

Feel free to post your experiences here, or email them to ghos99@gmail.com.


  1. I have a couple of unsatisfactory customer service experiences to post. How do I send them to you?

  2. It was just a matter of time wasn't it? Things will change though.
    Please email them to ghos99@gmail.com


  3. Are you still interested?I must have hundreds up my sleeve!!!

    Great blog by the way. I'm following. Please visit me as well!


  4. Thanks Holli, for your support.
    Please email them to ghos99@gmail.com

    I read your ramblings too :-) Good stuff!

  5. @ mike,

    the is an interesting book called "golden arches east" by james watson. the book makes some interesting points about the fact that "customer service" is historical and cultural. yet, we sometimes think of it as a fully formed self-evident good. to take one small example, in the US a McDonald's worker might be taught that it is important to smile and greet customers. yet when Mcdonald's open in Russia, the franchise owners had a difficult time coaxing the workers to smile because in Russian culture smiling at strangers for no apparent reason might indicate ill will on the part of the person smiling.

    also we should be mindful of the responsibility of the customer. Russians, like Ghanaians, don't always follow the concept of a que. sometimes they swarm around a service area or "big men," real or imagined, simply jump in front of people. or worse pushing and shoving is the norm as when loading a crowded trotro. my point is that customer service has two sets of responsibilities. but we often ignore the responsibilities of the customer. kzs

  6. @ Emmanuel, I know! :-) Been getting the word out there, soliciting stories. Got something today so I'll call Shoprite in the morning.

    @ Kwame, thanks for your input.
    The customer certainly needs to be educated on courtesy also.
    There are some instututions in Ghana that we expect better service from; banks, grocery stores, restaurants. My goal is to start with them.